Starting a business? Trying to file a small claim? Looking for a good corporate attorney? Injured in a car accident?

Whatever your issue, Claudius is the AI for you.
Who is Claudius?

Claudius is an artificial legal intelligence that grew out of PhD research at Princeton University. It is now working hard to make sure that everyone who needs justice gets it.

Claudius is where everything legal starts.


We made Claudius free so everyone can have access to justice and keep every cent of what they deserve.

Easy to use

Claudius is an intuitive, software-based platform. Get it all done without leaving the couch.

We'll guide you through every step

Resolving your legal matter shouldn't be stressful.

1 - Enter your info
Through the simple and intuitive self-service portal, Claudius will learn all about you and the facts surrounding your case.
2 - Understand your case
After getting a sense of what you’re dealing with (and after running some rather advanced AI analyses), Claudius will provide you information so that you begin to understand how your matter enters the legal system.
3 - Resolve the matter
For certain case types, Claudius will be able to steer you through the entire process. For other case types, or if you would prefer legal representation, then Claudius will use its proprietary algorithm to get you into the right hands.
Our Mission

Joe Avery, CEO

We created Claudius while conducting research on legal fairness at Princeton, and our mission from the beginning has been to make the legal system fairer. Struggling to navigate small claims court? Pursuing a matter without an attorney? We believe everyone should have the information they need to handle their claims. Claudius will help you through every step for free. It’s our gift to you.